United Food Of …

Paris /Roma /Metz /Toulouse /Matera /Venezia/ Milano /Alghero /Salento /Napoli

The project is a site specific project, it is a multimedia installation created specifically for the city, with the inhabitants of the city and using the architecture of the city as decoration. The place is told through the artist’s video meetings with the inhabitants who invite him to eat at home, telling their story and the history of that place.

Dj and Vj have a fundamental role in the performance. The Vj’s images are projected on 4/5 walls/screens through different video projectors managed by the director. The whole documentary is mixed live from both a visual and sound point of view.

United food of Roma, 2014

United Food of Metz, 2013

United Food of Salento, 2015

United Food of Napoli, 2015

Artusi Remix SanBasilio, Roma 2014