Sofrito Repubblic

by Daniele De Michele Donpasta,

write with Alice Gussoni e Sara Sartori per Audible, from 6th July.

Number of episodes: 22 / Duration: about 45 min.

The real guardians of Italian cuisine are grannies, farmers, shepherds and fishermen. Donpasta, an expert in cooking and a great gourmet, has travelled around Italy to be told the true Italian popular cuisine. For the first time in audio, Donpasta unveils his immense multimedia archive, bringing us into the homes and stories, even very personal and intimate, of his guests.

Each episode tells two stories, two worlds, two lives. Donpasta enters the homes of its guests to be told a dish and watch it being prepared. The red thread that connects the two people is always different, an ingredient, like poor meats, or a life experience like the Resistance.

Donpasta talks, interviews and then eats with them, talking about cooking, tradition and life experiences: war, love, traditions. The narrating voice is always his own, Donpasta as if observing himself, he intervenes on the archive materials weaving the threads of the meetings, telling anecdotes, remembering recipes and his meals.